Welcome to Pasukan Perak The handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry from Thousand Island of Indonesia. As today, we still preserve our intricate and traditional methods to craft each pieces of our Silver Jewelry. Each of the valuable Silver Jewelry definitely has unique personality of its’ own. It is because all our. Pasukan Perak Artisan is passionate and dedicated to their art and craft workmanship. It is also a reflection of their belief, religion, culture and personal. Therefore, Pasukan Perak brings together our homeland Artisan, where they could show off their work of passion. For more than 20 years, we are committed in their integrity and share their precious craft among the people of the world. Potential Pasukan Perak will work together with our potential buyer to bring more awareness and understanding of silver jewelry. We have been in Silver Jewelry business more than two decades. We have groups of skillful silver smith, creative artisans, incredible semi-precious stones selection and customer service on hand. We strong identify opportunities like private labeling for any desired company. THE QUALITY All of our items are .925 sterling silver and we use only the highest quality semi-precious gemstones. Our dedicated Quality Control and Finishing facility based in Pengosekan, Bali, ensures that all our goods meet the most stringent standards of quality while still preserving traditional production methods. Thank you for your support, keeping craftsmanship Alive. S